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The student must follow the following rules while they are within the campus of the College:

  1. Students will not be allowed to enter the College Campus unless they put on their Identity Card.
  1. The College expects that every student would abide by all the rules of the examination. Students’ involved in unfair means during any examination will be dealt with seriously by the College administration as per the College and University norms. 
  1. Students shall keep their parents/guardians informed of their progress in studies.
  1. Students must attend lectures, tutorials, remedial classes, class test, seminars regularly.
  1. Smoking, consumption of intoxicants, misuse of mobile phone, and other such misconduct are strictly prohibited.
  1. Student are not allowed to loiter unnecessarily along the corridors or create any disturbance while classes in session. 
  1. Classrooms, common rooms and other areas in the campus must be kept clean. Pasting/Distributing Posters/Banners/Pamphlets, etc without prior permission of the concerned authority is prohibited.
  1. Any complaint of unwelcome behaviour by our students in the neighborhood shall be strictly dealt with. 
  1. Any kind of misconduct with the teachers, office staff and fellow students will be viewed seriously and strong action will be taken in such cases.
  1. Students/parents/guardians are free to meet the college authority for any clarification/information/counseling/guidance/assistance. 
  1. Students must regularly read the notices in the students’ notice boards regarding various announcements, admission, stipend/ scholarships/ registration/examinations/routine coaching classes, dates of fee payment, etc.
  1. Submission of registration/ examination forms, payment of college dues/ examination fees/ registration fees and other such important tasks must be completed within the stipulated date and time.
  1. Ragging/eve-teasing in any form is strictly prohibited and shall tend to legal action.


Regular tests will be conducted during the session. These tests are conducted with the view to ascertain whether the students are comfortable and innovative with the matter taught and to prepare the student for their final Examinations. The marks obtained in these tests are taken into consideration at the time of Selection for the University Examination.

Students are required to be present and on time on all class days. A MINIMUM OF 75% ATTENDANCE is required if a student is to be sent up for the final examination. A student having less than the required percentage of attendance is liable to be barred from appearing the University Examination. Parents are earnestly requested to help us by checking with the respective Heads of Department from time to time regarding the attendance of their wards. The attendance is also noted on the Marksheets.

Any student who is absent for TWO SUCESSIVE CALENDER WEEKS, without prior permission, will have his name removed from the Register.


The Following Code Should Be adhered to:-

  1. Semi-Formal/Formal Footwear is to be worn. Bathroom slippers are not allowed.
  1. T- Shirt/Jackets, etc, when worn, should not have abusive or other objectionable language/ picture printed on them. 
  1. Boys must wear full length trousers. 
  1. Boy’s shirt/ T- Shirts must either be half-sleeved or full-sleeved. 
  1. Girls’ blouses should be sleeved and fall well below the waistline, be modestly cut and not transparent.
  1. Girls’ may not wear half or mid-length pants. 
  1. Girls’ dresses/ skirts must be of length which maintains modestly.
  1. Face rings, nose rings and lip rings are not to be worn.
  1. The wearing of earrings by boys is discouraged.
  1. Caps must not be worn in classrooms


The College has a well furnished Library for the Students. The Library has a good collection of books which includes both primary and secondary sources. Newspapers (Local, Regional and National) are also regularly maintained and made accessible to the student. The Question banks are also available for quick reference and to serve as practice models.

Students will be issued a Library card which will enable them to avail the books in the Library. The Librarian will instruct the student to fill the Library Membership form for this purpose.

Each student is allowed to issue a maximum number of three books at a time for a period of fourteen days. The students are to return the issued books before or on the due date. A fine of Rs. 2/- per day will be imposed for any delay in returning the books.

Library Card will remain valid for the entire duration of the course. However, at the end of the course students shall have to return the membership card to the Librarian and the caution money will be duly refunded.